This brave new world of COVID means we must be careful when gathering. We will be outside, but should still adhere to 6' physical distancing rules when at all possible. If you are sick or have COVID symptoms, we'd love to see you, but better to stay home and stay safe. And of course, don't forget your masks! Personally, I won't be wearing one when I'm outside and distanced. but I am sure there will be situations when a mask will be in order.

In an effort to keep the spread of COVID cases to a minimum, the State of Vermont has put travel restrictions in place. If you live in a state with less than 400 active cases of COVID-19 per one million residents, you can come to Vermont without needing to quarantine. Check this map to see what the status of your county is. If you live in a green county, no problem traveling to Vermont. If you live in a yellow or red county, quarantine is required. If you live in Vermont, no problem traveling within the state.

Vermont has been doing a good job of keeping COVID numbers down, let's keep it that way and keep each other safe!