Friday night dinner

We will have the grill and griddle going Friday night, and will be cooking sausage and veggies for Friday dinner.


Wheeler Road has no pull-offs for parking, so if at all possible please don't park there. When you drive up into the field, there will be plenty of parking, just follow the signs.

What to bring

  • Meals- We will be providing dinner on Friday evening. Otherwise, please bring food for the weekend. if you don't feel comfortable sharing in the age of COVID, no problem, just bring you own provisions. Or feel free if you want to bring food to share. Also, we will provide paper products (plates, cups, napkins, bowls) if you forget to bring your reusable/ recyclable ware.
  • Chairs- Lawn chairs, benches, stools, anything.
  • Picnic blankets- It will make lounging that much more fun.
  • Drinking water - There is none on site, though there is a brook flowing through the property about a 700' walk south of the field. Water in the brook is not potable and should be treated before drinking. **UPDATE** The brook is bone dry, please bring lots of water.

Camping spots

There are two main areas to camp - in the field and in the woods. We have a garden cart there to move things around.

  • There are plenty of level areas in the field to spread out for car camping.
  • The woods can be thick, but there are some great mossy spots in there. See the map for option. Site #1 has plenty of level, mossy camping spots. Site #2 has a few spots right off the trail. Site #3 is a nice open area on top of the ridge.


It's just a rustic mowed field and some woods, so no bathrooms, running water, electricity, etc. We will be digging a couple of privys for your nature-calling convenience .


  • Coleman stove- We'll bring ours, with plenty of gas.
  • Griddle- I'll be setting up a big cast iron griddle, heated with coals from the fire, or charcoal.
  • Weber charcoal grill- There will be at least two.
  • Schwenker- I'm not making this up.

Local stores

  • Maple Corner Store - Open Friday till 7pm, Saturday 9am to 7pm, and Sunday: 9am to 5pm. Two miles north on County Road from the intersection with Wheeler Road. Cute general store with most everything you need.
  • Adamant Co-op - One of the oldest Co-ops in the country, since 1935! They are closed for in-store purchases, but are doing curbside pickup, including local fruits and vegetables. Friday till 5pm, and Saturday 10am-2pm. Call (802) 223-5760.
  • Morse Farm - You'll pass it on County Road on your way to Calais, 2.5 miles from Montpelier. They have some general provisions there, lots of maple syrup, and really good maple creemees. Every day 10am - 6pm.
  • Montpelier - Pretty much has everything else, except for a McDonald's (proudly the only state capitol without one).

Places to Stay

If you don't want to camp, we won't be insulted. Here are some near-by accommodations (near-by is relative).

  • Capitol Plaza Hotel- A fabulous hotel in downtown Montpelier.
  • Hilltop Inn- Classic motel. It looks out onto Long Meadow Hill in the distance!
  • High Hill Inn- I know nothing about this place, but their website looks cool.

Cell Service

Yup, we got it (at least on my AT&T cell phone). Some spots work better than others.


Perfect end of summer weather.


Yes please, dogs are allowed.


It's summer in Vermont, there will be bugs. Bring repellent and use as needed. Ticks are not a big problem in this part of Vermont, and it's the tick lull season now. Having said that, it wouldn't hurt to do periodic tick checks.