Long Meadow Resource Management is a full-service forestry company covering northern Vermont for over 20 years. Landowners who want to carefully and responsibly manage their properties have benefited from LMRM services that include mapping, forest management plans, boundary delineation, wildlife management, natural community identification and timber sales.


Harris Roen is a Vermont Licensed Forester with over 30 years working on public and private lands in the Northeast. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the University of Vermont, and a Masters of Science in Resource Management and Administration from Antioch New England.


Our number one philosophy is to attain landowner goals. Landowners may want to enhance wildlife, create new trails, maintain biodiversity, generate income, find boundaries, save on property taxes, or all of the above. We help discover what a forest has to offer, then collaboratively work to achieving goals.

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Our Forestry Services

As Vermont Foresters, we offer a variety of natural resource management services. Please visit our Forestry Services page to learn more about our how Long Meadow Resource Management can help you reach your goals.