Helping Our Climate

The northeast forest is an important carbon storage region of the planet. Our forests aid in carbon storage and sequestration, which helps the effort to stem climate change.

How forests are managed can make an impact on the carbon cycle. Some forest management practices can increase carbon sequestration, which pulls CO2 out of the atmosphere, while other practices can improve carbon storage for longer-term mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. For some landowners, no forest management can be the best option to increase carbon storage.

Carbon Offset Partners

At Long Meadow Resource Management, we help landowners generate carbon credits to offset emissions from fossil fuels. We partner with organizations like the Family Forest Carbon Program and Forest Carbon Works to generate income for landowners to manage their land for forest carbon.

Learn More About Forest Carbon in Vermont

Please feel free to call us at (802) 658-2368, or use the contact form, if you would like to learn more about managing your land for forest carbon.