Connect With Your Natural Surroundings

Vermont is blessed with vast forests, rugged terrain and natural beauty. As a landowner, having access to your land for passive or active outdoor recreation greatly enhances the joy of land ownership. At Long Meadow Resource Management, we can help maintain well-loved trail systems on your property, or carefully plan new recreation features such as trails, roads and scenic vistas.

Recreation Management and Forestry

When done properly, forest management is very compatible with recreation management. Enhancing recreational resources can be done through careful skid trail layout, establishing trail buffers, and protecting special areas from encroachments. A soft touch can be used so that trails remain in good condition many years after forestry operations are completed.

Another important aspect of recreation management is dealing with access points coming on to your property that are causing problems. Encroachments on recreation trails can cause erosion, compaction and create undesirable party sites. It is important to manage trail access so as to minimize unwanted entry on to your property.

Access Your Land

Whether you enjoy the peace and solitude of rambling on a trail, honing your skills as a hunter, bird watching, skiing or snowmobiling, we can help you find the best ways to explore your forest. You may want to visit a pristine waterfall, relax by an old stone wall or become inspired by a scenic vista. Investing in carefully laid out recreation trails will enhance the enjoyment of your property for years to come.