Why Do A Timber Valuation

There are many different reasons that conducting a timber valuation would benefit a property.

  • A timber valuation may be needed for an appraisal.
  • An accurate accounting of a future timber sale may be necessary for budgeting purposes.
  • A landowner may want a precise estimate of the timber value before selling a property.
  • Due diligence may be required before the purchase of forested acreage.

What is Timber Worth?

Long Meadow Resource Management performs scientifically accurate assessments of timber value for properties in Vermont. Careful measurements are made to determine species volumes and quality across the holding, as well as an evaluation of any access or regulatory considerations. We issue reports showing the value of sawlogs, firewood, pulp and other wood products that a landowner could receive net of all operating expenses. To find out more about the value of your timber, please call us at (802) 658-2368 or use the contact form below.